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Pennsylvania, 1957, an intruder breaks the flimsy lock on a radio station's transmitter room, boosts the power to 1,000,000 watts and starts broadcasting street-corner DooWop records throughout the Eastern Seaboard. Before the authorities could apprehend him, he sneaks out the back door, into Rock and Roll History. He's wanted to this day.


The Cool Bobby B DooWop Stop makes 50's & 60's DooWop style music fun again using a "Pirate DJ" theme. We say DooWop style because, not only does Bobby play great original DooWop from way back when, he also plays some New-Wop, current groups singing new and old DooWop songs. The Cool Bobby B DooWop Stop is the ONLY syndicated DooWop show carried coast to coast on satellite radio! (Sirius/XM 50's on 5).


The DooWop Stop is a three hour program that can be aired anytime Monday through Sunday, between 6:00am and Midnight. Stations have seven minutes for local sales within each hour. We retain five minutes per hour. The program is available to commercial radio stations on a 100% barter basis. It is shipped, with cue sheets, on CD's or as 192Kbs MP3s, in a single .zip file, via FTP or HTTP download.


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